Six Years Later

So it’s quite apparent that I gave up on this sometime in the hiatus between Season Two Season Three. This leads to two questions:

1. Why I’d stop?
2. Why’d I even bother coming back?

Well, let’s cast ourselves back to the depths of that 2012 to 2013 hiatus. God, what a simpler time. I’m still not convinced the world ended like the Mayans predicted, but alas here we are in the darkest timeline.



It would have been easy to predict that the hopeful-yet-cynical twenty-something that first wrote these would by 2018 be an embittered-yet-hopeful thirty-something who is rather apathetic about the final season of Game of Thrones.

Is that maybe what has got me thinking about this again? Well, not only has the world changed so much in these six years, but so too has The Discourseā„¢. And I’m a helluva lot saltier, so I’ve got that going for me.

I’m going to go back and recap season three. I’ll aim for one episode a week and see how that goes!

Stay tuned.